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Capitalizing on Advanced Inventory Management
Today’s distributors have an opportunity to drive performance to new levels by investing in advanced inventory management. These companies can expect to

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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » white papers on scm review

TEC Joins Forces with EOH Technology Consulting to Assist Businesses Matching Software Choices to Strategic Requirements
TEC Joins Forces with EOH Technology Consulting to Assist Businesses Matching Software Choices to Strategic Requirements EOH Technology Consulting (EOH) and

white papers on scm review  archive of articles and white papers. Contact Information: Lynne Brash Coordinator, Media Relations Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Tel: (1) (514) 954-3665 extension 254 Fax: (1) (514) 954-9739 www.technologyevaluation.com BEGINLYX� Read More
SaaS Buyer's Guide for Wholesale and Distribution
SaaS, despite its phenomenal popularity, is certainly not one-size-fits-all. You need to consider decision criteria such as fit, return on investment, and risk.

white papers on scm review  SaaS System | SaaS White Papers | SaaS Implementation | Tecsys' Eliteseries for Healthcare SaaS | Best SaaS Vendors | Adopting SaaS | SaaS Application Selection Criteria | Tecsys Software as a Service | Implement SaaS Applications | SaaS Wholesale and Distribution Vendors | SaaS Deployments | SaaS Requirements | Software as a Service Guideline | SaaS ERP System | SaaS-based Business Management Suite | SaaS System Integration | Healthcare SaaS Model | How to Buy SaaS | NetSuite SaaS Solutions | SAP Read More
How 5 Companies Increased Revenue and Profitability with Leadership and Customer Relationship Management Software
Small to medium businesses (SMB) want to stay competitive, increase revenue, and remain profitable at the same time. This can be a challenge. Whether companies

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New-world Value: The Strategic Impact of Business Application Suites in Today’s Corporate Environment
The concepts of return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) have been used for decades in enterprise evaluations of IT investments, including

white papers on scm review  ERP Tools | ERP White Papers | Extending ERP | Formula Return on Investment | Implementation Business Process Management | Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning | Implementation of ERP | Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning | Implementing ERP | Implementing Innovation | Information Systems Innovation | Information Technology Business | Innovation | Innovation Best Practice | Innovation Best Practices | Innovation Challenges | Innovation Implementation | Innovation Management | Innovation Read More
My recent article SAP SCM – Stepping Out of (Relative) Obscurity analyzed SAP’s revamped comprehensive supply chain management (SCM) suite, its major components

white papers on scm review  Llamasoft , i.e., what white spaces do they fill? SAP SCM : The partnership with the two companies are different in the following manner : SAP Enterprise Inventory Optimization by SmartOps is a “Solution Extension,” which means it is an SAP branded product, sold on SAP corporate paper, and SAP provides Level 1 and 2 support The relationship with Llamasoft is that of an “Endorsed Business Solution” for strategic network design, which means that we work together as complementary solutions. PJ : Why Read More
Hanging on the Telephone: Antivirus Cold-calling Support Scams
Service support scammers rely on the naiveté of their victims in order to persuade them to grant access to their computers and credit card details. There’s very

white papers on scm review  as possible. Read this white paper to find out about different types of scams that threaten your data security. Read More
E2open Buys icon-scm, Makes Waves in Supply Chain Space
E2open and icon-scm have just combined to create a collaborative planning and execution software stalwart, enabling brand owners and their trading partners to

white papers on scm review   Read More
ERP on Cloud
Delivered as a subscription service, ERP on Cloud is available for small to midsize businesses looking for a low initial investment and reduced overhead and

white papers on scm review   Read More
Insights on Trends in Software Development
This TEC podcast features an interview with Jean-Philippe Valois, Azur Group's business development manager, who shares his insights on trends in software

white papers on scm review  cloud software development,it development,the cloud,to the cloud,what is the cloud,it consulting,it consultant,it consultants,it engineers,it developers,it support services,cloud computing,cloud computing cloud computing,computing cloud,computing in the cloud Read More
SaaS Versus On-premise ERP
Should your business acquire traditional on-premises enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions? Or should it invest in emerging software-as-a-service (SaaS

white papers on scm review  have risks. Download this white paper to see how SaaS ERP stacks up against on-premises ERP across eight categories. Read More
Managing On-demand Package Implementations
Why choose on-demand when there are so many integrated software solutions on the market? Because on-demand packages provide a number of benefits that can help

white papers on scm review   Read More
Jaspersoft on Amazon Web Services Marketplace
Jaspersoft has decided to take the JasperReports Server Community Edition and make it available on Amazon’s recent offering called AWS Marketplace, free of

white papers on scm review   Read More
What On Earth Is Going On With SSA?
In order to avoid sinking into oblivion following its recent acquisition, System Software Associates (SSA) has recently made decisive moves to put itself back

white papers on scm review   Read More
Fighting Cybercrime on the Internet
Excerpts from a presentation on cybercrime by Laura Taylor, TEC Director of Security Research for the E-Gov 2000 Conference sponsored by SAIC on July 10, 2000

white papers on scm review  evidence pure, and mitigating white collar cybercrime. The other various security topics that I will touch on will have to do with how processes and procedures can support the management of these three important Information Age Law Enforcement and Public Safety concerns. The various security processes worth understanding include, What are the basics for managing security in an organization? What security policies do you need? And who should you call to assist you in investigating and reporting Read More

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