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The Essential Supply Chain
Supply Chain Management (SCM) once viewed as a way to obtain a competitive advantage, is now perceived as a logical and necessary extension of Enterprise

upstream downstream logistic  supply chain to include upstream and downstream trading partners (i.e., suppliers and customers). There are several reasons why ERP vendors have been augmenting their transaction processing systems with supply chain management applications. First, traditional ERP systems simply lack the advanced planning tools necessary for companies to respond to an increasingly competitive business environment. There are three fundamental limitations of ERP systems in this regard: Execution Focus ERP systems were Read More

ERP for the Oil and Gas Industry (Upstream)
The model of ERP systems for the upstream oil and gas sector addresses the particularly specialized business model of this industry. It is common practice for companies, individuals, and government...
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Documents related to » upstream downstream logistic

SAP Support of the Health Care Supply Chain’s Ongoing Effort to Ensure Patient Safety and Drive Business Value
Electronic product code information services (EPCIS) is a standard mechanism for inter-company collaboration and data sharing, which can enable health care

upstream downstream logistic  food, livestock and pharmaceuticals, upstream (ingredients), internal and downstream tracking are becoming important capabilities, which can be implemented today using serialization and EPCIS. A related application opportunity that healthcare companies can pursue is counterfeit detection. Companies are applying various overt and covert anti-counterfeiting measures to the packaging of their products. Some of these measures involve matching serial numbers, while other measures involve other technologies Read More
N-Tier Demand Management
The classic bull-whip effect means that the further a supplier is removed from the end consumer, the worse are the fluctuations in demand that they see. This

upstream downstream logistic  These steps can help upstream manufacturers avoid much of the misery and destructive force of the bull-whip effect that is normally the bane of their existence. This article is from Parallax View, ChainLink Research's on-line magazine, read by over 150,000 supply chain and IT professionals each month. Thought-provoking and actionable articles from ChainLink's analysts, top industry executives, researchers, and fellow practitioners. To view the entire magazine, click here . About the Author Bill Read More
PLM as a Strategic Weapon: An Underlying PlanetPTC Live 2011 Theme - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series talked about the major (blockbuster of a sort) announcements at PTC’s PlanetPTC Live 2011 annual user conference, which was held in

upstream downstream logistic  as a Strategic Weapon: An Underlying PlanetPTC Live 2011 Theme - Part 2 Part 1 of this blog series talked about the major (blockbuster of a sort) announcements at PTC ’s PlanetPTC Live 2011 annual user conference, which was held in mid-June 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada, US. These announcements were as follows: General availability (GA) of nine PTC Creo 1.0 design applications. Showcasing the Windchill 10.0   product lifecycle management (PLM)  suite. The acquisition of MKS Inc. and its flagship Read More
abas-USA and Atlatl SRP Software Announce Partnership
Atlatl Software, maker of product sales configuration software and pioneer in sales resource planning (SRP) software, and abas-USA, a provider of mid-market

upstream downstream logistic  adds value in the upstream sales and order entry process and abas-USA does the same for downstream manufacturing. Together we provide a substantial competitive advantage—top line growth and bottom line savings for manufacturers of complex, configurable products, said Rob Honeycutt, Atlatl CEO.   It’s not too late to check out abas ERP at the Vendor Shootout for ERP in Atlanta of February 19-20. The one of a kind industry event let’s you see abas ERP and other top ERP solutions head to head. Get Read More
Analytics Leader Voices Its Opinions on S&OP State of Affairs
Today’s retail companies are realizing the importance of creating an optimal balance between supply and demand, with a focus on sensing and shaping demand

upstream downstream logistic  not only from the upstream manufacturing warehouses (vertically), but also across downstream customer facility warehouses to more efficiently balance inventory (supply). In fact, you can run “What If” scenarios to determine the effects of increased customer service, improved demand forecasts, lead times, and other related inventory factors to “shape” supply. We have found that in many cases you can actually lower upstream manufacturing warehouse customer service levels and inventories while Read More
Are Manhattan Associates and RedPrairie's Paths Really Diverging?
My 2009 series on a few good supply chain management (SCM) players portrayed Manhattan Associates (NASDAQ: MANH) and RedPrairie Corporation as fierce

upstream downstream logistic  direction from RedPrairie, i.e., upstream (retail distribution) rather than downstream (retail shelf). To be fair, Manhattan already provides retailers with Planning and Forecasting tools to sense and respond to demand and support all levels of enterprise merchandise planning, from strategic level planning down to assortment and key item planning. Its Planning and Forecasting solutions provide capabilities to manage multi-channel planning and forecasting business processes, and include the following Read More
CAD Model Quality Testing
With 3-D computer-aided design (CAD) models taking on a broader and more significant role in the development of new products, CAD files must flow smoothly into

upstream downstream logistic  Model Quality Testing With 3-D computer-aided design (CAD) models taking on a broader and more significant role in the development of new products, CAD files must flow smoothly into downstream applications. Sometimes, however, errors do occur. An off-the-shelf software tool can detect problems in the design stage so they aren’t discovered at a crucial moment in the manufacturing process, when it may be costly—or even too late—to correct them. Read More
Manufacturing Software for an Integrated Steel Plant
Manufacturing processes for an integrated steel plant typically encompass three distinct types of manufacturing: flow manufacturing, process manufacturing, and

upstream downstream logistic  this way, executives at upstream plants are liable for product quality, lead times, and product quantity passed on to the executives of the immediate downstream plants. The software should be capable of defining internal orders for these internal customers. Internal customer orders . Most of the upstream plants produce intermediate products that do not have properties that can be directly derived from the ordered finished products. Therefore, the internal customer in the downstream flow of product Read More
JDA Enables Retail In-Store Picking
While omnichannel retail has created multiple sales opportunities for retailers, it has created havoc in their stores and upstream supply chains. Challenged

upstream downstream logistic  in their stores and upstream supply chains. Challenged with enormous e-commerce purchasing volumes, retailers are looking at how they can effectively manage the picking of e-commerce orders to truly provide the ‘buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere, and return anywhere’ experience. Find out how one software vendor is helping retailers address this challenge. Read More
Multi-mode ADSL Heads for the Mountain
Copper Mountain debuts a Multi-mode Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) line card. This line card will deliver voice and data service simultaneously over

upstream downstream logistic  to 8 Mbps and upstream speeds up to 1Mbps while being up to 28,000 feet from the Central Office (CO). This line card will support 24 ports, a density achieved by using the latest transceiver technology, while providing full-rate ADSL to service providers. This new card was designed to leverage broadband voice and data simultaneously over a single copper-line, allowing consumers to perform multiple functions without having multiple lines. The release of this product from Copper Mountain Networks coincides Read More
How Is a Bad Product Developed?
There are multiple answers for how a bad product is developed; many of them are rooted in myopia in the development process.This morning, when I was leaving

upstream downstream logistic  Is a Bad Product Developed? There are multiple answers for how a bad product is developed; many of them are rooted in myopia in the development process. This morning, when I was leaving a subway station through a tunnel, a billboard caught my eye. Actually, at first glance, I was kind of scared by the weird eye of one of the women in the picture. A second look revealed that the weird eye was a bolt (on top of a washer) located very close to her right eye. Let me clarify that the bolt and the washer Read More
The Convergent Mediation Solution--Competitive Advantage Enabler
The notion of having disparate mediation systems in today’s service oriented telecommunications industry is no longer valid. The accurate and timely knowledge

upstream downstream logistic  Modular & Adaptive Increasing upstream and downstream interfaces also introduce complex new challenges to the OSS. The more software modules and more hardware components to interface with, the more increase in the possible points of failure and more difficulty in management. To further complicate matters, architecture designers of today's OSS must address today's issues while attempting to protect their OSS against possibility of massive upgrades when moving into 3G world and beyond. Issues of backward Read More
Overwhelmed by Vendor Hype? Head for the Exit Before It's Too Late
Frustrated with all the hype and buzzwords that software vendors throw around? You’re not alone. TEC senior copywriter Larry Blitz and managing editor David

upstream downstream logistic  Ka-ching! Seamless Downstream and upstream Compliance Real-time Cross-departmentally integrated Maintenance Comprehensive Application-aware Fortification Robust Best-practice Availability Anytime-anywhere Cost-effective Productivity Holistic Paradigmatic Improvement Sustainable Laterally convergent Competitiveness Profitable Out-of-the-box ROI Flexible Customer-centric Business agility Strategic Mission-critical Profitability enhancement Larry : Excellent, Dave! And what fun! Next time I ask my Read More

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