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Achieving Effective Inventory Management
In today’s competitive business environment, wholesale distributors face critical factors that directly affect customer satisfaction and profit margins. These

track date of last physical inventory  optimal stock levels and track the performance of their investment in stock inventory. Business Impact Sage MAS 500 cost capabilities maximize accuracy and flexibility, and its reporting tools provide the meaningful analysis distributors need. Achieving an optimal stock level requires distributors to maintain both sufficient levels of inventory in their warehouses and the imperative ability to satisfy customer expectations of product availability. At the same time, distributors seek to stock precise amoun Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » track date of last physical inventory

Food and Drug Safety: Prevention Better Than Cure (For Sure) - Part 1
Food production and distribution is a serious and strategic business, and I am not aware of anyone in my surroundings that takes it lightly; food can not only

track date of last physical inventory  control , serial number tracking, and traceability  as the panaceas to solve product safety issues. While important, these critical capabilities still help mostly with minimizing the damage (i.e., during product recalls ), but the damage to customers and company’s brand has unfortunately already taken place, leaving many folks seriously ill (if not even fatally affected). Track-and-trace After the Fact: Good But Insufficient On the other hand, while I agree that detecting the problem before the horse Read More
The Definitive Guide to Successful Deployment of VoIP and IP Telephony-Chapter 3
When deploying any new system, preparation is key—and Internet protocol telephony (IPT) systems are no exception. Part 3 of this 4-part e-book series provides

track date of last physical inventory  providers who supply the track or service providers, systems integrators, and inside entities who provide the vehicles that run on the track. This chapter will also include a unique, comprehensive capabilities inventory that is designed to ensure that every capability used in the current/old system is at least considered for inclusion in the new system. Business Drivers for Change When companies explore Internet Protocol Telephony (IPT) solutions, the focus must be on key business areas because it is busi Read More
Cost-justifying Warehouse Management Technologies in Small and Midsized Warehouses
The warehouse management system (WMS) concept has matured into a collection of time-tested technologies that reduce inventory costs and increase overall

track date of last physical inventory  shipping weight and keeps track of cartons shipped for an order. When integrated with a multi-carrier shipping system, Sage Accpac WMS offers companies the ability to shop for the best shipping rate, potentially saving thousands of dollars annually. Additionally, Sage Accpac WMS can generate the required labels for hazardous materials and customs requirements, packing slips and generate Advanced Shipping Notifications (ASNs) . Sage Accpac WMS saves on labor costs by significantly reducing the need for ded Read More
Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 for Distribution Environments
This is a reprint of the summary chapter from the book Managing Your Supply Chain Using Microsoft Dynamics AX by Dr. Scott Hamilton. In this first part, design

track date of last physical inventory  movement between warehouses, and track in-transit inventory. Sales order line items indicate the ship-from warehouse, while purchase order line items indicate the ship-to warehouse. With intercompany trading, the purchase order in one company automatically generates the corresponding sales order in the supplying company. The sales order shipment can also trigger a purchase order receipt. The planning calculations coordinate intercompany orders across a multi-tier supply chain. This is Part One of a two-pa Read More
Busting Out of the Inbox: Five New Rules of 1to1® E-mail Marketing
Situating e-mail in a multichannel marketing plan is more complicated than it used to be. Where exactly does e-mail fit in the world of blogs, vlogs, and

track date of last physical inventory   Read More
The Dollars and Sense of Web Identity Management: How SaaS Cuts the High Costs of Web Access and SSO by 75 Percent
IT infrastructure software has a well-established track record for experiencing frequent cost overruns and missed deadlines. Expensive software and extensive

track date of last physical inventory  software has a well-established track record for experiencing frequent cost overruns and missed deadlines. Expensive software and extensive customization are the key contributors to increasing identity management costs to four or five times more than the price of the initial identity software license. Learn how software as a service (SaaS) can reduce the cost and complexity of IT infrastructure. Read More
Managing the Total Cost of Ownership of Business Intelligence: A 360-Degree Perspective
For many companies, total cost of ownership (TCO) of business intelligence (BI) solutions is out of control. And the problem is growing, fueled by ever

track date of last physical inventory  BI TCO,business intelligence TCO,IT spend,strategic information management Read More
Infor’s Acquisition of PeopleAnswers Foregrounds Big Data Behavioral Analysis of Employees
Infor has announced the acquisition of PeopleAnswers, a company specializing in predictive talent analytics. PeopleAnswers’ application maps the behavioral DNA

track date of last physical inventory   Read More
Duty of Care Online
Useful reading for any online business, this white paper offers helpful hints for establishing comprehensive duty of care procedures. When setting up an online

track date of last physical inventory   Read More
In Search of Clarity: Unraveling the Complexities of Executive Decision Making
Decision making is at the core of all business activity, as executives set strategy and manage operations by weighing a vast array of factors to arrive at the

track date of last physical inventory  essential as a good track record. 5. Flexibility Approaches to decision-making, and even to the use of data, need to reflect the fact that the world is a diverse place, and one size does not always fit all. Who took the survey? A total of 154 executives from around the world took part in the Executive decision-making survey, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit in March 2007. The survey sample was cosmopolitan: 40% of respondents hailed from Europe, 31% from North America and 23% from Read More
Bank of America
Bank of America is a multinational banking and financial services company. It has a retail banking footprint that covers approximately 80 percent of the U.S.

track date of last physical inventory   Read More
Better Inventory Management: Big Challenges, Big Data, Emerging Solutions
Effective inventory control and management is a vital function to help insure the continued success of distribution and manufacturing and companies. Learn about

track date of last physical inventory  Equation Technologies, MRP, inventory optimization, material requirements planning, demand management Read More
Six Keys to Exceeding Expectations with Inventory Optimization Initiatives
Inventory optimization is a proven vehicle to gain competitive value through reduced inventory, freed-up working capital, and improved service levels. But

track date of last physical inventory  slow you down or sidetrack your program. In this paper we will share experience gained from helping some of the world's leading manufacturers and recognized supply chain leaders avoid the pitfalls that can stall progress, sap forward momentum and potentially spell disaster for a program that would otherwise yield major business improvements. We've distilled the most common factors that can make or break your inventory optimization projects. For this paper, we'll focus on six keys to success. Key Factor Read More

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