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Documents related to » supply chain service providers in india

The Pros and Cons of Collaborative Planning
Among the promises of collaboration are real-time information sharing, the ability to maintain personalized relationships between buyers and sellers, and greater efficiency for all companies joined in the expanded enterprise. Unfortunately, excitement surrounding B2B collaboration often drowns out the simple truth that collaboration products are still in a formative stage and their promise, largely unfulfilled.

SUPPLY CHAIN SERVICE PROVIDERS IN INDIA: jump from ERP to supply chain planning. Con : Requires companies to have smoothly running internal processes. Before companies can expect to benefit from having better visibility into their trading partners operations, they must first get their own house in order. This is because companies must provide accurate data to the right partners at the right time. In a very real sense, information becomes as much a product as is an ingot of steel, a crate of detergent, or a box of microchips; and getting it to t

SPSS Has A New ShowCase
On November 7, 2000, SPSS announced that they have signed an agreement to purchase ShowCase Corporation. The company sees a large part of its future in the analytical CRM market, and will use ShowCase to bolster staff and expertise levels.


Analyzing MAPICS Further Steps After FrontstepPart Two: More Recent Events
MAPICS remains a customer-focused organization with the mantra of helping customers in select verticals become world-class manufacturers.

SUPPLY CHAIN SERVICE PROVIDERS IN INDIA: relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM). The company claims it had three key business issues to solve when it selected Primus as its knowledge management partner: Capture and easily manage knowledge in the workflow from every MAPICS customer care specialist Empower MAPICS customer care specialists with the confidence to broaden their areas of expertise by enabling reuse of documented solutions Create a foundation for MAPICS self-service strategy by providing customers and affiliat

Analysis of Novell s Announced Support for Sun s Solaris 8 Operating Environment
We do not see Sun Solaris administrators implementing any Novell NDS package.

SUPPLY CHAIN SERVICE PROVIDERS IN INDIA: vm software, nds software, jumpstart opensolaris, sun os, netware, opensolaris, operating system software, linux os download, operating system comparison, unix kernel, sun operating system, best operating system, unix sun, dedicated linux server, os software, unix support, linux dedicated hosting, linux classes, linux dedicated server hosting, unix courses, free red hat downloads, unix course, jumpstart sun, red hat servers, os install, carrier grade os, os download, linux dedicated servers, unix training, windows xp os, trusted os, red hat linux tools, os security, opensolaris zfs, linux os .

HighJump Grows in a Period of Low Growth Through Adaptable, Broad Function ProductsPart Four: Challenges and User Recommendations
The competition is becoming relentless given a slew of WMS vendors delivering sophisticated collaboration, visibility, and SCEM functionality. Further many of them are also consistently profitable and have more visibility and mindshare.

SUPPLY CHAIN SERVICE PROVIDERS IN INDIA: of adaptable, Internet-based extended supply chain execution (SCE) solutions, announced that it has lately secured significant new customer wins and global partners in its ongoing efforts to become the industry leader in providing global SCE solutions. The key to HighJump s success is simplicity and adaptability. The downside of simplicity and adaptability, however, lies in a likely lack of a very sharp vertical focus (HighJump has shown focus for the retail sector and the product also supports a number

Programs, Processes and Practices:Planning Implementations and Evaluating Systems
No company has ever fully evaluated the entire product that they are buying, time does not permit such a complete evaluation. Few people really track how well the software is used after it is installed.

SUPPLY CHAIN SERVICE PROVIDERS IN INDIA: implementing software , software implementation, software selection, selecting software, software evaluation, business Processes , business people , Program Gaps, Process Gaps, Practice Gaps, Planning Implementations, Evaluating Systems, purchasing software.

HighJump Grows in a Period of Low Growth Through Adaptable, Broad Function Products
With approximately 180 employees, HighJump Software is in growth mode with total revenue up 40% in fiscal 2002 and with current year over year revenue growth of 33%. More impressively, license revenue was up 60% last year and running at growth rate of 60% year to date. How does the relatively small SCE vendor accomplish it? Adaptability and broad functional footprint would be the keys to the answer.

SUPPLY CHAIN SERVICE PROVIDERS IN INDIA: of adaptable, Internet-based extended supply chain execution (SCE) solutions, announced that it has lately secured significant new customer wins and global partners in its ongoing efforts to become the industry leader in providing global SCE solutions. Additionally, HighJump s International Associate Partner Program now reportedly consists of industry-leading consulting and solution providers located in key geographic regions throughout the world. HighJump believes each Associate has a proven track

ERP Systems and the ETO Manufacturing MarketPart One: Event Summary
Users increasingly look for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system designed for a specific business, since software that combines industry-specific functionality with the flexibility to accommodate each company's unique processes goes a long way toward improving the functional fit and the speed of implementation.

SUPPLY CHAIN SERVICE PROVIDERS IN INDIA: reduced inventory throughout the supply chain, shorter lead times, and faster cycle times, all enabling improved response to customer demands, are indeed universal across the board and cannot be debated. Vendors Meager Support for ETO Environment However, the fact is also that only a minority of all ERP vendors properly support the ETO environments, let alone with flow manufacturing concepts. Glovia would be one possible honorable exception. Although it originated in the US market, owing to its current p

PeopleSoft Building Muscles To Overcome The Rough PatchPart 1
The year 2001, which was an exceptional year of financial performance for PeopleSoft, including record total revenue, record profit, and more than $500 million of generated cash, might have become its liability as well, as it might be quite difficult to repeat.

SUPPLY CHAIN SERVICE PROVIDERS IN INDIA: Capital Management (HCM) solutions Supply Chain Management Solutions Strategic Sourcing and Trading Partner Management (TPM) Next generation Enterprise Portal CRM solutions for Government, Insurance, Energy, and High Technology Alliances Vigilance Supply Chain Event Management Agile Software Company Comprehensive Product Life Cycle Management Financial Results This is Part One of a four-part report on recent PeopleSoft announcements. Parts Two and Three will discuss the Market Impact of these

SAP Weaves Microsoft .NET And IBM WebSphere Into Its ESA TapestryPart Two: Market Impact
With SAP NetWeaver and the Enterprise Services Architecture, SAP will have delivered the blueprint for turning Web services from a concept into business reality of uniting hardware, information, and software platforms & applications.

SUPPLY CHAIN SERVICE PROVIDERS IN INDIA: order management (or logistics, supply chain, product development/engineering, supplier management, or any other area for that matter). SAP on the other hand will gladly allocate its R&D funds to leverage its existing stacks with newer technologies rather than to develop brand new prepackaged applications. To that end, built into the SAP xApps infrastructure is also the ability to use business analytics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the impact of the newly automated business processes,

Commerce One Conducts Its Soul-Searching MetamorphosisPart Two: Challenges and User Recommendations
Commerce One is seemingly stuck with yet another identity crisis being a novice provider of a Web services-based integration platform and being a still fledgling provider of business application suite built on top of that platform, and which has not yet successfully competed in the SRM arena.

SUPPLY CHAIN SERVICE PROVIDERS IN INDIA: very discerning procurement and supply chain managers within the customer s organization. A Web services strategy, on the other hand, is dependent on selling the platform into the IT department and also cultivating an ecosystem of enterprise solutions to build on top of the platform. Having a cuckoo in the nest strategy to sell one with the up- and cross-sell value of the other has not apparently been working out so far, and Commerce One might not have enough resource to sustain both businesses without

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