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Will Glovia Glow Again Through Its Hub And VARs?
While Glovia continues its revamping as a holistic B2B e-business provider for manufacturers and service companies beyond core ERP, its ongoing management

inter enterprise optimization outsourced manufacturing  Carolina. In July, Glovia International announced that its Board of Directors named Dennis Michalis acting CEO and president, following the resignation of Matt O'Malley as Glovia's CEO and president. Michalis joined Glovia in 2000. Before being named acting CEO and president, he served as Glovia's COO and continues to hold that position. Michalis is an enterprise technology veteran, with nearly 20 years' experience in management consulting, solutions practice development, product management, sales and Read More

ERP for Manufacturing (SMB)
TEC's new ERP for Manufacturing (SMB) evaluation model targets the software requirements of small and medium enterprises. If your organization doesn't have many sites to operate, seeks a so...
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Documents related to » inter enterprise optimization outsourced manufacturing

One Vendor's Exploit of Marrying Infrastructure with Selling and Fulfillment Applications
For many manufacturers, distributors and retailers with a mishmash of disparate back-office business applications, Sterling Commerce, a traditional integration

inter enterprise optimization outsourced manufacturing  that require significant manual interaction. It is common, for example, for an enterprise to pass its fulfillment to a third-party transportation company with no direct electronic communication between the two. Laying the Foundation for the Solution Realizing that enterprise applications catering to holistic selling and fulfillment processes across multiple channels would be a value-add for existing and prospective customers, Sterling Commerce saw a growth opportunity and began acquiring some Read More
Reference Guide to Supply Chain Management (SCM) Features and Functions
This guide to supply chain management (SCM) functions/features will help you determine which SCM features are a high priority for your organization. Learn about

inter enterprise optimization outsourced manufacturing  Transportation management system (TMS) International trade logistics (ITL) Supplier relationship management (SRM) Demand management Supply chain analytics Order management Service parts planning Product technology These categories correspond to a high-level functional breakdown of software features. In this reference guide, we give a short explanation of how each category impacts your supply chain management processes. If you would like more information about full listings of enterprise software Read More
Global Trade Solutions: Competition, Challenges, and User Recommendations
The global trade management market is competitive, rapidly evolving, and highly fragmented, and competition will only increase in the future. While each GTM

inter enterprise optimization outsourced manufacturing  , Precision Software , Intermart , Nistevo , MercuryGate , Xporta (now defunct), Tarrific.com , OCR Services, Importers Software Services , MSR Customs Corp ., Questaweb , GT Nexus , and LOG-NET ; global settlement players like Bolero.net , TradeCard and S1 ; and a number of others vendors that are, arguably, more specialized in supply chain electronic management (SCEM), and visibility and shipment tracking like Viwelocity , Descartes Systems , Management Dynamics (through recently acquired BridgePoint), Read More
Unifying Global Trade Management: Challenges and User Recommendations
GTM software should be able to gather information and feed it back into the parent company, creating visibility into what remote divisions are doing and how

inter enterprise optimization outsourced manufacturing  connected with the enterprise's internal finance, increasingly making ease of integration with ERP systems a top priority for many companies. For any company that has already rolled-out an ERP-based, order-processing system worldwide, the ability to link export compliance around the world to directly order processing and eliminate re-keying data, could be a big selling point. Also, many shippers are using import/export software to create worldwide uniform information infrastructures and to impose uniform Read More
Holodeck Enterprise Edition
Holodeck Enterprise Edition is realibility, debugging and fault-injection testing tool that monitors and logs the application's activities@function calls

inter enterprise optimization outsourced manufacturing  It can test low-level interactions, and network packets and can perform ad-hoc, stress, and code coverage testing. Read More
Lean Manufacturing Training: A Project Approach
Manufacturers who are seeking government funding for the introduction of lean manufacturing principles in their daily work environment encounter specific

inter enterprise optimization outsourced manufacturing  lean manufacturing, lean principles, automotive production, lean manufacturing training Read More
Process Manufacturing: Industry Specific Requirements Part One: Introduction
As with any manufacturing operation, process manufacturing has special system requirements such as formulas, unit of measure conversions, and packaging recipes.

inter enterprise optimization outsourced manufacturing  food processing industry,food processing manufacturing,food processing software,food processing technology,food production technology,machine manufacturing,manufacturing,manufacturing analysis,manufacturing business software,manufacturing factories,manufacturing industry,manufacturing process,manufacturing processes,manufacturing processing,manufacturing production Read More
TrackStudio enterprise
TrackStudio Enterprise is a powerful and highly flexible issue tracking system. Support for hierarchical structures, project-specific customization, and

inter enterprise optimization outsourced manufacturing  change. Java application program interface (API) enables you to integrate our issue tracking system with call-center, front-office and other third-party software. The high performance rates and scalability, support for nearly all servlet containers and database management systems (DBMSs), as well as the affordable price, all contribute to the TrackStudio Enterprise system. Read More
Manufacturing and Distribution Overview
Distribution and manufacturing solutions can help improve customer satisfaction, lower costs, and respond to the changing market. The MAS 500 distribution

inter enterprise optimization outsourced manufacturing  Production,Mas 500,Distribution,Manufacturing,Inventory Read More
Dealing with Chaos: 4 Steps to Manufacturing Success
Manufacturing today is fraught with uncertainties in the supply chain due to a variety of global issues, including weather and exchange rates. You can counter

inter enterprise optimization outsourced manufacturing  materials, energy, market conditions, interest rates, geopolitical issues, green initiatives, etc. that have emerged in recent years will continue, and likely get more volatile. Therefore, it is essential that companies irst understand the impact external changes have on their operations, plans and competitiveness, and then proactively prepare themselves to thrive and grow in this new reality. Many manufacturing and distribution companies have rightly focused on Lean operations and Lean thinking as key Read More
Preparing for Product Development in Process Manufacturing
Combining process industry–oriented product lifecycle management capabilities with process manufacturing–oriented enterprise resource planning ones can help

inter enterprise optimization outsourced manufacturing  assemble the multitude of intermediate parts and subcomponents into finished goods is a simple function of the number of assemblers brought to the task, which can be increased or decreased according to demand. Conversely, it is not easy to make changes in process manufacturing. For example, the amounts of chemicals that a plant can produce are fixed by the design characteristics of the tanks and reaction vessels it uses to make them. Adding capacity is a costly endeavor involving months of design work, Read More
ERP Features and Functions: Reference Guide to Process Manufacturing Software
This reference guide provides insight into the process manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) features and functions that are accessible on today’s

inter enterprise optimization outsourced manufacturing  natively or with external interfaces. Accounts Receivable Accounts receivable (A/R or AR) functionality tracks payments due to your company from your customers. It contains tools to control and expedite the receipt of money from the entry of a sales order to posting payments received. It should include AR company policies and procedures, customers/voucher master data, bill processing and aging analysis, credit management, cash/payment application, receipt processing, journal voucher processing, AR ledger Read More
S2K Enterprise
VAI@s S2K Enterprise Software is a suite of software applications designed to help enterprises of all sizes meet the challenges of today@s economic environment

inter enterprise optimization outsourced manufacturing  Enterprise VAI's S2K Enterprise Software is a suite of software applications designed to help enterprises of all sizes meet the challenges of today's economic environment by automating and integrating business processes across the organization. Read More

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