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SCM Software for Mills
Demand for mill products especially in the metals and packaging industry is growing fast. This presents a good opportunity for the software vendors who cater to

different scm logistic  Introduction Mills produce very different products than products which are made in a typical process or discrete manufacturing. Mill products contain order specific attributes like width, surface finish, length, chemical composition, physical and chemical tolerance limits, and standard product specification (either company specific or more common industry specific). Mill products can be in the form of coils, rolls, bundles etc., and finished mill products are made by operations involving rolling, side tri Read More

Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Supply chain management (SCM) solutions include applications for managing supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and customer business processes. Addressing demand management, warehouse mana...
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Documents related to » different scm logistic

A New Model for Evaluating Third Party Logistics Providers: Enter Service Oriented Architecture
Third-party logistic (3PL) providers are under pressure to keep costs low, expand services and capitalize on evolving supply chain management technology. As

different scm logistic  processes made available from different software packages for reuse. SOA uses flexible connectivity with well defined standards-based interfaces. Components of SOA include Web services, portals, application servers, security and analytics frameworks, business process management (BPM), and master data management, just to name a few. SOA is a guide companies can use for the strategic management of their business. At the heart of SOA is the concept that business applications must be active and based on inter Read More
Can Webplan Reconcile Planning and Execution? Part Two: Market Impact
Increasingly, every user company's success is contingent upon its ability to make an almost immediate finished product or service delivery to customers. As

different scm logistic  often acquire data at different times and, as data inexorably changes over time, they will have different data, which in turn, yields different versions of the truth, like in the Japanese classic movie Rashomon . As a result, multiple people will likely reach differing optimal solutions, whereby there will seemingly be more than one correct answer. During intense time constraints in the reality gap, a predominantly slow manual decision-making process is further complicated by the which version do you Read More
iProcess.sct Enters Golden Gate Opportunity
SCT Corporation is selling its Process Manufacturing and Distribution Solutions Division to two California-based investors. SCT is thus joining the fray of

different scm logistic  has always been very different from the GMDS'. From now on, it can focus exclusively on the process manufacturing sector. The GMDS division of SCT Corporation was challenged to establish itself as a name brand in the process manufacturing segment owing to its late market entry and a small client base, primarily in North America. Its marketing efforts were both limited by and overshadowed by a traditionally conservative parent company that manages a plethora of other businesses within diverse industries wi Read More
The People Factor: Accelerating Supply Chain Transformation Through Education
This article summarizes the findings from a study of why customers failed to attain the full value potential of their SCM projects. Most SCM projects continue

different scm logistic  adoption was a completely different story. The knowledge gap was prevalent in the consulting partners as well. Their ability to impart a solid foundation of SCM knowledge as part of the change management effort was both inadequate and inconsistent. (Several new concepts had been introduced in a short period of time and few consultants were fully versed in the SCM concepts that were being introduced.) Knowledge-related barriers to supply chain excellence Fortunately, the vendor had the ability to draw a si Read More
New Dimensions in EC and SCM Part 4: Using E-Procurement to Leverage Volume
A straightforward way to drive prices down and obtain increased supplier attention is to leverage total purchasing volume through Internet-based auctions. This

different scm logistic  qualified suppliers from 3 different countries submitted over 700 competing bids during the course of the auction, and the client saved about 18% versus its prior cost level. Anyone who has participated in an auction for antiques or art or other merchandise knows that the environment can become emotionally charged and that bidding sometimes exceeds rational or sustainable levels. While significant improvements in price can be obtained, buyers need to be careful since it doesn't do any good to accept a Read More
Infor SCM Warehouse Management Provia
Infor SCM Warehouse Management is a modern extended-warehouse-management supply chain solution that provides business agility by automating fulfillment and

different scm logistic  SCM Warehouse Management Provia Infor SCM Warehouse Management is a modern extended-warehouse-management supply chain solution that provides business agility by automating fulfillment and distribution processes. Its core capabilities include inventory management, work and task management, and labor forecasting. The solution also supports capabilities such as slotting yard management voice-directed distribution cross-docking costing multiple inventory ownership value-added services billing and Read More
Pronto Xi Dimensions: Supply Chain Management (SCM) Competitor Analysis Report
Criteria in this knowledge base pertain to managing supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and customer business processes. Addressing demand management,

different scm logistic  Xi Dimensions: Supply Chain Management (SCM) Competitor Analysis Report Criteria in this knowledge base pertain to managing supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and customer business processes. Addressing demand management, warehouse management, international trade logistics, transportation execution, and many other issues for a complete solution, this knowledge base will support your evaluation of an SCM suite. Read More
Reference Guide to Supply Chain Management (SCM) Features and Functions
This guide to supply chain management (SCM) functions/features will help you determine which SCM features are a high priority for your organization. Learn about

different scm logistic  take into account the different roles of all participants and manage these through a set of rule-based processes. As such, the system implementation should include clear definitions in terms of buy-sell relationships, financial terms, and service level agreements, as well as related contact details and user profiles for suppliers, customers, and related service providers. Content The system should support all the data and information required in order to establish a true total cost of goods sold at the Read More
SouthWare Excellence Series: Making Excellence Easier Part Two: What Makes SouthWare Different?
The Excellence Series is in fact a product that provides users with a powerful business management framework that is in many aspects far ahead of other middle

different scm logistic  Different? What Makes SouthWare Different The process of selecting mid-market accounting software usually starts with products that have achieved some name recognition and that's fine as long as the search does not end there. SouthWare Innovations ( http://www.southware.com ) has created in its Excellence Series a worthy competitor serving a number of industries and offering users a surprising array of functionality, either directly as SouthWare applications or through one of their independent sales Read More
Double Trouble for Cap Gemini: Integrator's Problems Suggest A Different Approach to Contracting for Technology Services
IT systems company Cap Gemini has been dropped from some large contracts and is being sued for allegedly refusing to perform on another.

different scm logistic  Integrator's Problems Suggest A Different Approach to Contracting for Technology Services Event Summary An article in the New York Times states that Cap Gemini, an international provider of IT services, has recently been removed from a total of almost $150 million dollars worth of projects. The United States Chamber of Commerce, The United Way and the French Government have all expressed extreme dissatisfaction with Cap Gemini's performance; in at least one of these cancellations involving the Chamber of Read More
Not all SCM Products Are Created Equal
In this article, we examine capabilities of five top Supply Chain Management software vendors in several key areas of functionality: material procurement

different scm logistic  in order to create differentiation. Figure 2: Overall Score Vs. Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling Inventory Management and Warehousing Inventory management and warehousing activities are those involved in storing materials (finished goods, raw materials, WIP) at points between movement and processing. In this category, we include both planning and execution features like those associated with warehouse management such as crossdock management, inbound, outbound, and yard management. Logility stands Read More
PeopleSoft Gathers Manufacturing and SCM Wherewithal Part Four: Challenges and User Recommendations
PeopleSoft manufacturing customers and J.D. Edwards customers in service industries should assess the vendor's product plans given these customers might benefit

different scm logistic  term timeframes, and across different geographies. One would be hard pressed to justify not including PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne (former J.D. Edwards 5) at least on an initial long list of vendors in a global manufacturing and distribution enterprise applications selection. Evaluate the product if you are a mid-market or a low-end Tier 1 enterprise (with $100 million -- $3 billion (USD) in revenue) and if your requirements fall within the scope of the traditional ERP and SCM offering, with manufacturing, Read More
SCM Software for Real World Manufacturing: A Case for Mission Critical Use
In an ideal world, we can have an exception free manufacturing operations. And for the most part, it will be a

different scm logistic  and scheduling capability of different software vendors vary too much. Additionally, different industries have an altogether different set of business processes and require very different set of capabilities in the planning and scheduling software. The user should be very careful about these issues when looking at options. About the author Ashfaque Ahmed is a consultant of advanced planning, scheduling and optimization techniques in the area of manufacturing and distribution. He works with small to Read More
Logility Voyager Solutions for Supply Chain Management (SCM) Certification Report
Logility Voyager Solutions is now TEC Certified for online evaluation of supply chain management solutions in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Evaluation

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